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Monsieur Ribah

Ancient sadistic culture like this one can't continue to exists. Freedom from religion and ancient habits can be the answer for a new and pacific world. Mutilation imposed by religion and society aren't the way. Hygiene? We do using water and soap and Appearance(the boy could decide by himself) I can't think in a religion like this one spread by world. People will say that I have to respect, but I don't do, I can't. Freedom for choice, God seemed take off this from them. Religion is a prison, surely.


Dommage que tu n'écrives pas tes commentaires en français également, cette série m'interpelle et j'aurai bien aimé savoir de quoi il s'agit. :-)

Bises et bonne journée à toi

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Oh my, the termite and the dog licking the dried pus seem so wrong. :(

Free bird

awts! p*ta.. sakit nyan! galing netong docu project mo pre. napapakita mo sa buong mundo kung ano mga 'interesting' na bagay sa kultura natin. mabuhay ka kapatid!


i can't help but cringe when i see these.. :D very nice documentary series.. :)


This is a very good visualisation of what you describe.
This is more interesting than I thought.

Framed and Shot

ouch - Regardless of tradition, this is a barbaric custom!!


i wonder why some boys do not get traumatized for life from this. LOL

Charles Dastodd

terrific documentary series Sidney!

Otto K.

Like Elaine, it seems like it would be easier to be done at birth. Is there some significance in doing it at this age? Another excellent (if not graphic) series.


Very interesting, I wonder how much longer traditions like this continue as the people become more educated.

fortuitous faery

that's perhaps the only most painful genital ritual that males have to go through in their lives. women, however, have to go through menstruation for the rest of their reproductive lives. and don't get me started on pregnancy! LOL


very well documented.


Un reportage qui a le mérite d'être sans détour , tes photos sont très suggestives sans voyeurisme .Je ne juge pas ces pratiques , je ne m'en donne pas le droit .Pour nous occidentaux c'est un peu rude


gosh.. with such scary tools, inefection is to be feared !

Photo Cache

this series is awesome. you did it again. i am wincing at the post below but i shouldn't have, i have known of this practice forever.

Wim van der Meij

Jeez, that is really barbarous, especially in these conditions.

yiannis krikis

excellent details - I like them a lot


EH? I didn't know that in some rural areas they get termites and dogs to fix the swelling. UH! Dang!

This is an amazing topic, Sidney! You got people very interested!


I hate blood . You got me so curious about these pictures .


Amazing conditions and utensils used in this procedure.


the photos, although well-taken as photojournalism totally scream of unhygienic and unsterile methods of circumcision that's only done in mostly rural areas and less privileged. this puts the poor boys at risk to complications particularly infections and a lot more!

just look how dirty those nails are at the first photo, of hands holding that unsterile blade. no gloves? no sterile techniques? no antibiotics and anesthesia? *deep sigh* DOH has been offering free circumcision or at least medical missions in most areas of the country. i believe parents are to blame for this! they should not allow their kids to be subjected to such risky and primitive passage of manhood.


Do you know if anybody die of infection from this procedure?


A termite and a dog? I am speechless, Sidney.


et la lame a une bonne tête, loin des dérouilles qu elle promet! !

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